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Extending your home is a great way to maximise your living space and add value to your home.  Farrelly Developments have helped hundreds of satisfied homeowners achieve the full potential of their homes by designing, planning and building extensions to the highest standard of quality and compliance.  We specialise in the smart efficient use of sometimes limited space.  Farrelly Developments can work closely with you to develop the optimal solution for your home needs and can carry the process through from design and planning to the execution by our dedicated, highly qualified craftsmen.



Sometimes it makes financial sense to buy a property that needs renovating.  Farrelly Developments have 20 years experience in assessing buildings so it is important to contact us before you buy!  Let us guide you with our expert eye and help you avoid money devouring pitfalls.  Equally important is to protect your investment.  All buildings become tired and a little bit of maintenance and renovation is a very cost effective way to preserve the maximum investment in your home.  With Farrelly Develpments you are assured of the best quality materials, the best quality of work and efficient and timely execution with minimum disturbance to you and your family.



Only the best building contractors are qualified and experienced in restoring older buildings to their former glory taking great care to preserve the original character and features.  Farrelly Developments have extensive experience in restoration and conservation.  We are happy to work with buildings of historical significance and we have vast experience in sourcing specialist detailing work.


We pride ourselves in our transparency when it comes to completely informing our valued client as to what is involved in their proposed restoration.  We provide properly itemised estimates and detailed descriptions of the works proposed and why.  We also create detailed project schedules which keep our clients in the loop at all times throughout the process.